New Patient Visit

Your visit with us will be different than a typical hospital visit. Our goal is less stress for you and your pet! Here is what to expect:

Appointment scheduling

When you schedule an appointment with Mobile Pet Vet you will be given an hour arrival window i.e. between 12 and 1pm. We schedule an arrival window because we take as much time as necessary with each patient and must travel between clients so it is impossible to predict exactly what time we will arrive at your house.

What to expect when we get there

Two people will arrive at your house for your scheduled appointment, a veterinarian and a veterinary technician.

Many people wonder where we see their pet. Do we have a van? Will we need a table? The answer is we see your pet wherever they are. We will come right into your home with a few supplies and often sit right down on the floor at your pet’s level to perform examinations and treatments. This alleviates the stress of being hoisted onto a table. The patient often does not even realize he/she is receiving a medical examination. This relaxed and comfortable practice is especially good for our geriatric patients where decreased mobility can be a deterrent for regular medical care.

What you can do to make your pet’s visit as stress free as possible

Be yourself
Many clients who schedule a house call vet visit have done so because either they or their pet has had some sort of difficulty in a traditional clinic setting. Remain calm and your pet will be more likely to do the same.

Make sure your pet is accessible
We like to make sure that the time we spend in direct contact with your pet is minimal to assure stress levels remain low. Therefore making sure your pet is very accessible is key.

For a cat this often means we will ask you to confine them to a small room prior to our arrival and close off any rooms that contain a lot of hiding places like bedrooms and basements. Cats feel much more secure when we see them in a small space and don’t have to pull them out from under the bed or a hiding spot first.

For dogs this may mean you need to do nothing since they more commonly love company and will greet us at the door. If you have a dog that is a little more reserved with strangers you may want to have a leash handy and be sure to close the dog door, if you have one.

What to expect at the end of your visit

After your pet’s examination and medical treatments he/she will simply still be in the comfort of his/her own home and go back to his/her normal routine. The doctor will answer any remaining questions you may have and discuss her recommendations with you. Both the doctor and technician will then return to the car to prepare any medications to be left, needed paperwork and an invoice. We have printers in the car and will leave documentation of services rendered at the time of your visit. The technician will come back into the house to discuss further the cost of the recommendations made during the visit and the medical plan will be finalized. Payment is due at time of service. We accept checks and major credit cards. The technician will go over any instructions given by the doctor and answer any remaining questions.

We strive for you and your pet(s) to always have a positive experience. Please feel free to discuss any special needs, concerns or questions you may have about your pet or appointment procedures.