Benefits of Veterinary House Calls

It's no secret that many cats and dogs hate the dreaded trip to the vet's office. It can be stressful for both of you when loading your furry friend into the car, let alone sitting in a waiting room full of other anxious pets and their owners.

But there is a better way for your furry friend to get the medical care they need, without the stressful build up.

Like doctors, vets make house calls, and these veterinary house calls have a lot of benefits for you and your pet.

At-home vet appointments are becoming a very popular option among pet owners, and for good reason! Here are six of the biggest advantages of veterinary home visits for you to consider.

Reduced fear and anxiety in pets

It's common for pets to become anxious when they enter a vet clinic. This happens for many reasons.

For one thing, pets (hopefully) only need to visit their veterinarian once or twice a year. This means they can find the environment unfamiliar and frightening.

It's common for dogs and cats to develop a negative association with their clinic. It might remind them of being sick and vulnerable.

Many other things can make a pet anxious at the vet, including the scent of the clinic itself.

Dogs, for one, are capable of smelling fear pheromones left behind by their fellow canines. This scent of fear can make your dog believe they’re in danger and change their behavior.

On the other hand, pets tend to be less anxious in their own space. A vet visit can go more smoothly when they remain in a soothing, familiar environment or without the experience of traveling..

Convenient for your busy schedule

Our lives are forever getting busier, and squeezing a vet appointment into your daily to-do list isn't always ideal.

Save yourself the hassle of finding a time that works for your family's busy schedule with a mobile vet visit.

When your pet is treated at home, it saves you the time it would take to travel to and from the clinic. That's not to mention the 15-20 minutes you'd likely spend in the waiting room. And let's not forget the many trips outside to ensure there are no accidents on the floor.

At-home vet appointments work around your busy life and need far less time out of your day.

After all, there's no waiting room in your home!

Prevents stress for both you and your pet

You may feel on edge in the days leading up to your pet's vet appointment.

A visit to the vet can be stressful for you and your furry friend, from the car ride and the waiting room to the examination table and the trip back home.

For instance, 70% of cats show signs of stress in the vet's waiting room before they even get to their appointment! Meanwhile, 75% of dogs show signs of anxiety on the examination table.

Seeing your beloved pet in a distressed state is never pleasant and adds to your own uneasiness.

Both you and your pet will benefit from a vet visit in the safety and comfort of your home.

Keeping senior pets comfortable

At-home visits can make life easier for senior pets with long-term health conditions who need regular check-ups.

For example, if your pet is suffering from arthritis, frequent trips in the car might be painful and uncomfortable for them. Similarly, transport can be an issue for larger pets.

Mobile vet visits are also a great way to keep your pet comfortable towards the end of their lives.

If your cat or dog is undergoing palliative care, it can be difficult for them to travel to the vet. You can make life easier for your pet by having them treated in the safety of their own home.

Many owners also opt to have their pets euthanized at home. It's always difficult to say goodbye, but it can be a comfort to know your pet is in a place they love, surrounded by their family when the time comes.

An easier option for multiple pets

Bringing one pet to the vet can be difficult but bringing two or more in one go can be a complete nightmare.

In the end, it might just be easier to bring your pets to the vet separately at different times. This can be extremely time-consuming.

Thankfully, you can make life much simpler by reaching out to your veterinarian to book a home visit.

Your vet will give each animal the care and attention they deserve by examining them individually.

More personalized care

When your vet visits your pet at home, they have the chance to offer more personalized care.

A clinic visit often results in your pet becoming stressed or anxious, leading to a rushed appointment.

This makes it difficult for your vet to accurately examine your pet and catch any problems early on.

A mobile visit will ensure your pet remains calm and gets the level of care they deserve.


We hope this has helped you understand the benefits of veterinary house calls and how they’re an excellent option for your pet.

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