Belgian Melanois outside

Grain Free Diets… Friend or Foe? It’s Complicated

September 6, 2018

There have been several articles in the news recently about the health concerns of feeding grain free diets. One of the articles was published here in the New York Times. Articles like this one have focused on the concern about a heart condition called cardiomyopathy (DCM). The articles are a little misleading because, as of […]

Nutramax Products

Counterfeit Nutramax products sold through Amazon

September 6, 2018

We have recently been made aware of a press release issued by the Nutramax company, the manufacturers of many veterinary supplements we recommend including Dasuquin, Cosuquin, Proviable and Welactin. In the press release, Nutramax states that it is aware of counterfeit products being sold through They urge consumers to return to Nutramax any listed […]

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Foods to Avoid

July 24, 2017

Foods to Avoid Chocolate Grapes/Raisins Raw meats Hard/Treated or cooked bones Pig ear treats or other pork products Any over the counter pain relievers or human medications (check with veterinarian first) Toys Avoid any chew toys that are harder than your dog’s teeth. This includes: bones, hooves, and nylabones etc, as these can cause serious […]