Mobile Pet Vaccinations

One of the most important aspects of caring for your pet’s health is vaccinating them against potential diseases.

Pet vaccinations like cat & dog vaccinations stimulate your pet’s immune system to help them fight off viruses and other illnesses that they may encounter in their life. By vaccinating your pet, we prevent serious illness - this is a vital part of preventative care for your pet!

When to Vaccinate Your Pet

Puppy Shots

Your puppy or kitten will get his or her first shots at around 8 weeks of age. The vaccinations that your puppy or kitten needs will vary based on their potential exposure to the different diseases we vaccinate for. To ensure that we protect your pet against potential exposures, we will work together with you to tailor a vaccine schedule specific to your pet during your pet's annual wellness exam.

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Adult Dogs & Cats

Adult dogs and cats will continue to receive booster shots throughout their life. As pet’s age, their vaccine requirements may change. Vaccines stimulate the immune system to fight disease but in some cases, pets immune systems are already in overdrive fighting cancer, infection or other diseases. In these cases, we may recommend waiting to vaccinate, discontinuing some vaccines or performing titers to check to see how immune your pet may already be to different diseases. Vaccine protocols for senior pets are not one size fits all.

Core vs. Non-Core Vaccinations

Vaccines are divided into “core” and “non-core” designations. The core vaccines are the ones every pet should receive. They protect against serious, highly contagious diseases with high mortality rates. Non-core vaccines are given based on a particular pet’s risk of exposure to that illness.

Puppy Vaccination Schedule

Puppy's Age Core Vaccinations Non-Core Vaccinations
6 - 8 weeksDHPP (Distemper)Bordetella
10 - 12 weeksDHPP (Distemper)Lyme
Leptospirosis (or included in DHLPP)
16 - 18 weeksDHPP (Distemper)
Leptospirosis (or included in DHLPP)
12 - 16 monthsRabiesBordatella
every 12 monthsLeptospirosisLyme
every 1 - 3 yearsRabies (as required by law)

Kitten Vaccination Schedule

Kitten's Age Core Vaccinations Non-Core Vaccinations
6 - 8 weeksFCRVP (Feline Distemper)
10 - 12 weeksFCRVP (Feline Distemper)Feline Leukemia
16 - 18 weeksRabiesFeline Leukemia
12 - 16 monthsRabies
every 1 - 3 yearsRabies (as required by law)Feline Leukemia (depending on vaccine manufacturer)

FAQs About Pet Vaccinations

The first round of puppy shots is given around 8 weeks of age. Antibodies from their mom gradually wear off once the puppy is weaned sometime before 16 weeks of age. , so vaccines are recommended  every 3-4 weeks up until 16 weeks of age so that  their immune system can fight disease when they lose their maternal antibodies.