“Dr. Beagan & Robin have taken exceptional care of my dogs & their various & often complex maladies for the past 15 years. I can’t imagine putting them in anyone else’s care.”

- Deborah Smith

“Dr Beagan and Robin, Just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with today’s visit and we know Frannie and Zoe were too. It is certainly a great help to have you here in their home where they are more comfortable and at ease. But even more important is that it was instantly obvious how skilled and experienced both of you are and how great your understanding of pet animals is. I was put right at ease with your willingness to get down on the floor with them and meet them at their level. Thank you for all your good advice and counsel. We know that our cat’s health is now in very good hands.”

- Chris Kelsey

“We have “three (3) kittens, a dog, some fish, a bunny and a frog, Dr. Beagan is no ordinary vet. She is well equipped to handle the most extraordinary situations. Her compassion, gentleness and attentiveness is abundant, while her care is professional, thorough and convenient for the active family. For routine, emergency or simple inquiries; Dr. Beagan is well-equipped to handle any situation and we would highly recommend her.”

- Ginny Gautier

“Our sheltie, Callum came to us on the heels of losing our previous sheltie who was a patient of Dr. Beagan’s as well. Callum is a curious and inquisitive fellow and prone to getting into “stuff”. Soon after he arrived in our home he landed in a nest of deer tick and subsequently developed lyme before he was old enough for us to start the tick prevention medication or administer the lyme vaccination. Dr. Beagan and Robin tested him for lyme and found that he had contracted it, treated him promptly and he has been clear ever since. Additionally, he developed a GI tract infection from drinking some pond water that caused persistent symptoms. Dr. Beagan put him on a safe food regime, treated him medically and soon Callum was back to his rascally self. We are so grateful for her good, even and measured care of our past sheltie and current one.”

- The Robbins Family