What to Expect During Our Visit

Your visit with us will be different than a typical hospital visit. Our goal is less stress for you and your pet! Here is what to expect:

Where we see your pet

Two people will arrive at your house for your scheduled mobile vet visit appointment, a veterinarian and a veterinary technician.

Many people wonder where we see their pet. Since the onset of COVID-19, we have purchased a mobile clinic and are using this van to safely see patients, while maintaining social distancing. We ask that owners wear masks when coming out to the van.

What you can do to make your pet’s visit as stress free as possible

Be yourself

Many clients who schedule a house call vet visit have done so because either they or their pet has had some sort of difficulty in a traditional clinic setting. Remain calm and your pet will be more likely to do the same.

How to handle your pet

Some dogs prefer to be seen outside of the van and we are happy to provide services in a manner that is most comfortable for your pet, whenever possible. Often with our visits the patient does not even realize he/she is receiving a medical examination. This relaxed and comfortable practice is especially good for our geriatric patients where decreased mobility can be a deterrent for regular medical care. We find that having dogs on a leash is helpful especially in the case of our more nervous patients. This allows us to slowly acclimate your pet to our visit, if needed.

We ask that when cats are brought to the van for our appointment, that they be contained in a carrier or that any other arrangements have been discussed with our staff in advance. Having your cat in a carrier allows us to safely transport your cat into the van. Sometimes for nervous cats, we may even use the carrier to aid in examination, allowing them to hide while being examined. If possible, please also provide a bath or beach towel for our use to also make your cat more comfortable. This gives them something that smells like home and again something to hide in.

Curious cat inside mobile pet vet van

What to expect during your pet's visit

Most appointments last about an hour from start to finish. We strive to make the time your pet is being examined and treated as short as possible to reduce any stress your pet may have. We utilize treats and try to “sneak” in our examinations and treatments as much as possible. Most of our dog patients want to remain in the van after their visit and sometimes getting them out requires some coaxing. We love that part of our job!

In our mobile clinic, we are able to perform wellness and sick examinations, draw blood and obtain other samples and prepare them for  lab submission, treat with fluids and medications as needed, vaccinate and perform other treatments necessary for both sick and well patients. We refer patients for surgical procedures, radiographs, ultrasounds and MRI to several referral hospitals and partners. We often act as a liaison between our patients and specialists that we recommend. We strive to be your concierge vet making sure that your pets get the best care available.

Brown lab inside mobile pet vet van

What to expect at the end of your visit

After your pet’s examination and medical treatments, you can bring them back into the house and the doctor will answer any remaining questions you may have and discuss her recommendations with you. The doctor and technician will prepare any medications, needed paperwork and an invoice. We have printers and most medications in the van and will leave documentation of services rendered at the time of your visit. The technician will discuss further the cost of the recommendations made during the visit and the medical plan will be finalized. Payment is due at time of service. We accept checks and major credit cards. The technician will go over any instructions given by the doctor and answer any remaining questions.

How to schedule an appointment

Appointments with us can be made a variety of ways. Feel free to call us at 410-544-8300 and leave a message with our 24/7 answering service and our staff will return your call to schedule an appointment. You can also email an appointment request or fill out the request an appointment form on our website. Routine appointments will typically be booked a few weeks out and we strive to get emergency appointments in as quickly as possible, sometimes the same day. If we can’t see your pet on a day you need us, we will try to provide you with options with associate or referral veterinarians. If we are not in your area the day you need us, it will be more difficult to squeeze in a same day appointment.

We typically make scheduled patient appointments Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays from 10-5. Some technician appointments are scheduled on Fridays.

When you schedule an appointment with Mobile Pet Vet you will be given a 2 hour arrival window i.e. between 12 and 2pm. We schedule an arrival window vs a specific time because we take as much time as necessary with each patient and must travel between clients so it is impossible to predict exactly what time we will arrive at your house. This also allows us to squeeze in an emergency appointment, if needed…. unfortunately, emergencies don’t make advanced appointments.

About appointment cancellations

To cancel an appointment at least a few days in advance - emails can be sent to info@mobilepetvet.com
To cancel a same day appointment, please call our office at 410-544-8300. In some cases, there may be a charge for cancelling appointments with less than 24 hour notice.
We appreciate advanced notice whenever possible so that we can fit in appointments from our wait list or see emergencies that come up.

We strive for you and your pet(s) to always have a positive experience. Please feel free to discuss any special needs, concerns or questions you may have about your pet or appointment procedures.